Raising a godly generation in the midst of a perverse generation is the most challenging task in the 21st Century. There is no doubt that there is a spiritual war happening now between the godly and secular cultures. What should be our strategy for this war?


The solution is looking at the word of God for our strategy. From Genesis to Revelation there are lessons for us to learn how to deal with the evil surrounding our generation. Azael Nuñez provides us with a battle plan to fight spiritual and physical forces attacking the core values of the Christian faith. The Civil War Generation will challenge you to discover the root of the problem by taking hold of the weapons God has given us to use as believers. As we look through the examples of the many generations in the Bible, this book will equip us to understand our calling and our God-given assignment. The author encourages us to fight and learn how to shape the next generation by providing powerful insights into the lives of the heroes of the faith. Most importantly, emphasizing on how to establish a legacy and standing firm to biblical values in a tough time.